Animate Your Messenger Conversations With Animated Smiley Faces

Animated Smiley Faces aren’t hard to come by. You see them everywhere, whether it is online or on a hallmark card for mother’s Day. Many of them now a day are animated, but that wasn’t always the case. In the earlier years of MSN and Yahoo, the smiley faces where consistent of just the keys from the keyboard. Key variations such as : ) would represent a smile from the other user and were overall used to convey everyday feelings or moods. The smiley faces of the 1990’s were 2D, ASCII based, very plain and overall just tacky. Luckily as computer technology unprecedentedly exploded in a race to become more and more advanced, so too have the smileys.

Now smileys dance, move their lips, blink their eyes, and grin over and over. Some even have hands and pray where as others shed tears. Smileys are preinstalled on many messengers and chat room clients. They are able to be downloaded from different sites if you are not happy with the default selection given by the developers of companies. Animated smileys are now known as "emoticons" and have taken a huge fan following over the years. Needless to say they were well needed to help keep the humane connection over the universe of the digital highways.

These smileys help to aid a user in all their conversations. A person can now act sarcastically, be sincere, and even blow another a kiss at the same time as hitting another. Without these, the conversations found over many chat rooms, personal messengers, cell phones, and even PDA’s would be lacking a human touch and give off a feeling of detachment to reality.

Today’s smileys have a better overall appeal, due to the rise in demand of better graphics and smoother more rounded features in applications. AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and their chat rooms, and even GTalk have found this to be a new may to market their business and gain more potential customers to use their products. Yahoo has even added a feature where there are "secret" smileys, to which the user would have to go through the task of trying different key combinations to unlock them. These smileys are often looped over a 5 second period and can involve sounds and even sentences. For instance one would say "I love you" where another may make a barfing sound.

Overall, without the use of these smiles, people wouldn’t be able to have a normal conversation on the internet. Normal conversation consists of body language, facial expressions, and eye movements, to help explain when a person maybe lying or a retelling of a significant event in their lives. By implementing a smile or frown in a conversation to a friend that lives perhaps overseas, each conversation can feel as if it was happening right at the kitchen table. The only side effect of emoticons can be when a person types the code for the smiley that gives a kiss; you won’t be able to feel it.