Yahoo Smileys: Showing Feeling In Your Emails

Smileys have become extremely popular in emails and instant messaging. The origin of smiley is not actually known. The earliest known smiley was said to be used by Harvey Ball in the year 1963, when he used a smiling face in one of his letters. Harvey did not try to trademark the graphic. But he never knew that the image will have various facets and will become so popular in the coming times. Another London based company also claims that it was the first one to use a smiley in the form of a smiling face in their newspaper to show good news. Whatever may be the origin, Smileys have become an integral part of our emails to express our emotions.

Yahoo Smileys

Smileys are the best way to show our emotions in our emails. Yahoo Smileys are one of the most unique graphics that have almost all facets to express our mood and emotions. When you send an email to a person, he or she is not able to see you. You cannot send your laughter along with the email nor can the person hear your flirtatious tone in your writings. You cannot show your adoring smile or may be a cunning wink that you want to give to another person while you are writing something to him or her. In such cases, the yahoo smileys give you an excellent method to send your emotions to the person you are sending the email.

The non-verbal communication aspects of communication were always missing till yahoo smileys gave an easy way out. Most of us realize the fact that point that matters the most is how to say your point rather than what you say. There are times when the non-verbal part of our communication creates a greater impact than what we actually put into words and tell the listener. Yahoo smileys are an excellent method to add meaning to what you say. Using your keypad, you can make only few versions of smileys but Yahoo smileys offer a lot greater choice.

Another important fact that makes Yahoo smileys of great importance is that every one is not a Shakespeare. If you want to convey your feelings to the one who is reading your emails, it depends on how well you can write. But every one is not bestowed with the gift of expressing one's feeling in words. Also on the part of the reader sometimes, your complicated sentences could be misinterpreted. Using Yahoo smileys not only add meaning to your message but also help in conveying your message in proper way.

Yahoo smileys have the capability to distinguish the message as a joke or an insult. For example, if you write the line, "You are so cunning, aren't you?" can be interpreted as an insult but if written with a smiley the meaning may change. Using a yahoo smiley the sentence can be written as "You are so cunning, aren't you? :)". Yahoo uses in-line graphical images of smileys that are far more impacting then the smiley example used in the above sentence.