Express Yourself With A Smiley Icon

Years ago, the only way to express yourself was to type several key strokes to invoke your true feelings. Today, the smiley icon has exploded onto the internet scene, not only in emails but in instant messaging as well. Moreover, there are a plethora of sites offering free smiley icons; 3d smilies; free smilies; and smiley icons of all shapes, sizes, and characters. Welcome to the world of the smiley icon!

the best site for Smiley faces is smiley central, you can find this below. Its free to download and you get over 1000 free smileys

One such site is coolbuddy. Smiley faces that run the gamut from happy to sad; bewildered to surprised; and this is just the tip of the iceberg. For AOL users, this site has over 60 smilies which you can download to your AOL instant messaging box. No longer will your smilies just be one-dimensional in nature, because with, you can expand your smiley icon repertoire immeasurably. These are all free smiley faces to be enjoyed on your AOL AIM.

If you want to laugh yourself silly, go to thetopsmileys. They have incorporated messages along with their smiley icons, and some of them are quite unique. One in particular has a smiley face holding a cell phone with the words, "Call Me" just above the face.

In addition, topsmileys offers thousands of smilies, happy smileys, unique smilies, smiley downloads, and other cool smilies. The best part about it is it's a free download with no obligation. From Thanksgiving smilies, popular smileys, animated smiley, crying smiley, sound smileys, smiley gif, 3d smileys, scared smilis and many other free smiley faces, you will spend a day just enjoying each and every one of them. These free smiley icons are compatible with AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN IM, Outlook, Outlook Express, MSN/Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail and more.

If you want to express yourself through your emails or Instant Messaging, now is the time to get in on this fabulous and ever growing population of free smiley faces. Check all the various website offering free smiley icons and increase your smiley icon status to extraordinary! The smiley icon is here to stay!