Great Resources to Help You Find the Perfect Smiling Face Icons Online

There are many people who love to collect smiling face icons from every corner of the internet. These people love to add new and interesting smiley face icons to their collection at every chance given. Many of them use the smilies on their web pages, while other like to upload them to their own site and link to them while on forums and discussion boards.

Finding different smiling face icons on a regular basis can be a daunting task, however it need not be. There are a few sites online which have a varied selection of smiling face icons added to their collection regularly to which they offer to their visitors. I’ll share some of the best sites that I have found to carry a lot of smiley icons.

One of my personal favorites is You will find this site has a large selection of smiling face icons online. You will be pleased to know that they also provide thousands of free smiling faces icons online that you may hotlink to for use not only in email, but also on your own personal website, or even in forum posts. You are provided with the link code below each smiling face icon so all you need do is copy and paste to use your chosen image.

If you would like to get a toolbar which not only lets you have smiling face icons online, but also allows you to send greetings to friends and loved ones, then you should take a look at ( The toolbar allows users to send e-greeting cards at the click of the mouse, and also to insert smilies, winks and glitter text. The toolbar also features a search function which happens to be powered by LiveSearch.

Another all around great toolbar that you can use to access tons of free smiley faces and other cool features is ( The SmileyCentral toolbar works with your browser to deliver smilies, e-greeting cards, tons of different cursors and screensavers. The toolbar works with MySpace and most types of blogs and all instant messenger services.

Finding smiling faces online to add to your emails, IM’s and general smiley collection is not a difficult task at all if you are open to using not only direct downloads, but also smiley toolbars. You may want to try using both. There are many places online that offer free smiling face icons, it’s just a simple matter of putting in the time to find the ones that are perfect for you.