Crack Up Your Messages With Funny Smileys

Ever want to add character to your conversations; both literally and figuratively? If you’ve ever had that urge to cheer up another person by making yourself seem silly or by doing a funny action, but feel like you can’t on an Instant Message? Well have no fear, Funny Smileys are here!

Just enter a keyword or phrase into a search tool and sites that contain the smileys you’re looking for will appear in seconds. It’s a great way to find the hilarious smileys you want!

Take the next step beyond the typical smiley faces your messenger service provides. For instance Humor Smileys is just one category of crack-up smileys. Many sites and smiley providers will also offer different category specific smileys. Many will contain over 10,000 other smiley faces in their particular categories. The funny emoticons can be used in instant messengers like Yahoo, MSN, and ICQ. They also work in Outlook and Outlook Express as well as most webmail clients and chat rooms like MSN, Yahoo!, and Gmail.

Smileys found today can do many things, they can move, dance, and have all sorts of crazy sayings. They are used to convey the emotions that humans share with a simple smile or handshake. So in order to better make a conversation bearable and not boring, these "emoticons" were created. Both happy and sad were incorporated into the faces and it’s the funny emoticons that are the top picks out of the batch.

These smileys can make people laugh by their various actions as they do little jigs or simulate bowing or praying. There are smileys that even blow up! You can be sarcastic with winking or flirting smileys. Even send a flirting remark to the person you are chatting with and see what kind of response you will get out of it.

Tons of these humorous smileys can be found at numerous websites for you messages. They will give you categories range from slapstick comedy smileys, smileys that will pick their nose or show an embarrassing moment, to smileys that will just have an all out war on fighting another.

Having a smiley that will make you chuckle and giggle doesn’t necessarily mean it is animated. There are many smileys that are stationary and have witty comments near them. They can be on posters, clothing, shoes, rings, and even on key chains. Some may say "You smell funny "with an evil grin where as another is the most common smiley smiling that has text written below it saying "Kill Yourself". Smileys have even changed from yellow circles to a now just as popular character called Happy Bunny.

Inserting Humor Smileys into your messages is so easy. All you have to do is just download the free program, then find the smiley button on your browser or instant messenger, click it and send it away. Your messenger buddies will love these laugh-out-loud emoticons. Humor smileys, and new funny smiley faces are added all the time by people and best of all; for free.