Embarrassed Smiley Icons

There has been an explosion of smiley icons on the internet, suitable for any occasion. The most interesting of these has been the embarrassed smiley icons. While you may ask why these are so unique, they do in fact serve a purpose.

Communication via email has virtually replaced all other forms of "talking" to friends, relatives, and business associates. With so many emails to respond to, there may be the occasional "slip of the tongue," which may require further explanation or acknowledgement. To correct the occasional error, one can utilize embarrassed smiley icons which not only admits you are aware of the unintended comment, but can turn a serious situation into a funny one.

When speaking with a friend, there are times you may utter a word or make a comment that is quite embarrassing. This awkward moment results in a red-faced and often uncomfortable stance. The best you can do is apologize and hope all is forgotten.

In an email or instant message you can send an embarrassed smiley icon, which has been so ingenuously created, that allows the entire incident to yield a few laughs along with humble apologies. Some of the many embarrassed smiley icons you can utilize may appear as a smiley face with red cheeks followed by a frown. Or you may find a smiley icon with a completely red face signaling just how embarrassed you are. Further still, there is an embarrassed smiley icon with a red face and a look of disbelief as demonstrated by the opened mouth and wide eyes. One could also follow the embarrassed smiley icons by sending other smiley icons which denote sincerity as well.

Since the emergence of smiley icons, it is clear that one can "say" almost anything without actually saying it. The old adage, "Expressions speak louder than words" would certainly apply here.

There are numerous sites available in which you can download embarrassed smiley icons and others to fit any situation that arises in emails, instant messaging, and even snail mail.

Print out the embarrassed smiley icons and send them to friends, loved ones, or associates when words seem to fail or if you want to truly express your sentiment.

In this age of technology where most everyone is communicating through emails around the world, apologizing face to face may be difficult. The embarrassed smiley icons are the simplest form of expression to alleviate the awkward moment and offers a bit of frivolity to the conversation. Of course, while face-to-face contact is preferred as well as other forms of communication such as the telephone, it seems the computer in general and embarrassed smiley icons in particular, allows one to bring a touch of humanness to a conversation that was lacking beforehand..