Make Your Conversations Unique With Free Smileys

Ever wondered where people get all the different smileys that seem to be bigger and better than the ones currently offered with an application? Perhaps the default smileys just aren’t providing the right soft of eel you wish to give off in a conversation. If you are interested in upgrading or even adding to your collection of smiley faces, why not look for free smileys.

These can be found at a variety of websites and are at most times, free. Some sites will require you to pay an initial fee for using them. They add a fee so they can pay the team of people who make the smileys and come up with newer, more intriguing faces for today’s applications.

For free smiles, (also known as emoticons), all a user has to do is find an appropriate site that has the certain style they are looking for and simply download the new faces. They will come in zipped files, .rar files, or even have their own installer so the user doesn’t have to worry about putting the smileys in the wrong folder. Free smiles can do what the default smileys can and often times are more interactive in the way they are displayed. Once downloaded and installed, the user has complete access to the smileys and if they aren’t happy with what they have downloaded, can uninstall them just as quickly.

Whether smiles are free or not, they are created by other people who aren’t satisfied with Yahoo or MSN’s emoticons and feel as if they can create better ones. Be careful though when downloading a new patch of emoticons because like anything that can be downloaded, it may contain a virus. Always scan the files before downloading them to avert any potential threats to your computer.

Emoticons also are created freely for special events such as mother’s day, the fourth of July, and even for saint patties day. They may contain face that will be waving a flag or wearing an old colonial hat to help represent whichever holiday spirit is to be portrayed.

At times though, when a person downloads and tries to share their new smileys, the other person will not be able to see the face and action. When this happens it is because the recipient of the new smiley doesn’t have the necessary codes to properly run the emoticons. This can be fixed once the person downloads the same files as the other, or just tells their friend to stop sending them that particular smiley. This is happens a lot with new smileys and can be fixed as well by alerting the problem to the creators of the emoticons.

In the end, free smileys are a fun new way to express your self in a conversation. They add diversity and in a sense, unique events to peoples conversation. Adding new emoticons to a conversation will often at times bring up new ideas to talk about, and the greatest benefit to them, is they are free.